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Mobile Hope’s program partners with our community to help those in need. These other websites are helpful to serve the needs of Loudoun County’s homeless youth.

Loudoun County Shelters

The Department of Family Services maintains an apartment guide and offers homebuyer education and post-purchase counseling classes to the general public. It also assists low-income citizens with rental assistance through the Housing Choice Voucher program and provides eviction and foreclosure prevention assistance. It operates the Affordable Dwelling Unit program, providing both low-cost rentals and homes to purchase. It also provides down payment and closing cost assistance, facilities low-cost mortgage programs for first-time homebuyers, and operates a home improvement program.

Homeless Intervention Program

The Homeless Intervention Program (HIP) is a program funded through the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development. Applicants who are eligible and are accepted into the program receive short-term financial assistance and/or case management services. The goal is to prevent eviction or foreclosure resulting from the family’s temporary loss of income and to assist homeless persons with start-up funds.

Housing Choice Voucher Program

The Housing Choice Voucher Program(Section 8 Rental Assistance), funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), provides low-income families and elderly person with disabilities with rental housing at prices they can afford. Vouchers provide rental assistance subsidies for eligible low-income families and disabled or elderly persons.

Family Self-Sufficiency

Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) is a voluntary program that provides Housing Choice Voucher participants the opportunity to achieve economic independence over a five-year period. A case manager supports, mentors and links up FSS families to public and private resources in the community.

Affordable Dwelling Unit Program

The Affordable Dwelling Unity program provides newly constructed, affordable rental and for-sale housing for income-eligible citizens who live or work in Loudoun County.

Emergency Housing

Loudoun County Department of Family Services provides limited financial assistance the individuals or families in need of emergency housing. 703-777-0353

Good Shepherd Alliance

This organization helps people with emergency housing needs. Shelter is provided for families, women, and children. The Good Shepherd Alliance helps individuals get through crisis situations by providing shelter, food, clothes, financial counseling and referral to other service providers as needed. 703-724-1555

Emergency Homeless Shelters

This program provides 45 secure emergency shelter beds for up to 89 days for homeless people, helping them stabilize their housing situation and regain self-sufficiency. The program serves families, single women and men. Referrals are made through Family Services (703-777-0353) or the program operator, Volunteers of America(703-258-3033, 24 hours a day).

Drop In Center

This program provides food, laundry facilities, showers and case management to the homeless population. 571-258-3033

Transitional Housing Shelter

The Transitional Housing Shelter is an eight-unit facility that provides housing and supportive services for up to six homeless families (including single parents with children) and four single individuals. The program length is up to 24 months. Applications are primarily through the Department of Family services (703-777-0353), or referrals can be coordinated through the program operator, Volunteers of America (703-771-5429).

Transitional Opportunities Program

The Transitional Opportunities Program provides supportive housing and services at scattered apartment sites for eight homeless households (including single men and women). The program length is up to 24 months. Services include outreach eligibility, leasing assistance, case management, and other services and classes designed to help participants obtain and remain in permanent housing, increase their skills and income, and achieve greater self-determination. Applications are primarily through the Department of Family Services (703-777-0353), or referrals can be coordinated through the program operator, Volunteers of America (703-771-5429).

Loudoun County Health Department

Loudoun County Health Department provides a wide range of health care services and works to ensure the health and well-being of Loudoun County residents. The department collects information and identifies problems and conditions that potentially affect the health of the public, and assists with the strategies to deal with these problems. The Health Department also provides advice on health-related matters, works to control the spread of disease, and inspects and investigates conditions which may adversely affect public health. 703-777-0234

Loudoun Free Clinic

The Loudoun Free Clinic serves medically uninsured Loudoun County residents with limited income. The clinic is staffed by area physicians, nurses, and other volunteers. 703-779-5416

Loudoun Community Health Center

The Loudoun Community Health Center

The Loudound Community Health Center (LCHC) provides health care to people who have limited or no health insurance. LCHC provides comprehensive medical care to anyone seeing care, and does not deny anyone primary health care services. All community residents have equal access regardless of ability to pay, geographic location, culture, age, sex or religion. 703-443-2000

LINK, Inc.


Loudoun Interfaith Relief


Child/Youth Services and Support

(Go to for information on local child and youth programs)

  • Big Brothers/Big Sisters – 703-848-4535
  • Boy Scouts of America – 301-530-9360
  • CASA (County After-School Activities)- 703-777-0357
  • Family Connections – 703-771-5967
  • 4-H Clubs (Extension Service) – 703-777-0373
  • Girl Scout Council – 703-777-5644
  • Head Start Program- 571-252-2110
  • Juvenile Detention Center – 703-771-5200
  • LAWS Youth and Children’s Services – 703-771-3973
  • Loudoun Child Care Network – 703-771-7698
  • Loudoun County Public Schools – 571-252-1000
  • Loudoun County Youth Shelter – 703-771-5300
  • Loudoun Youth Initiative – 703-777-0346
  • Salvation Army Office – 703-771-3371
  • YMCA of Loudoun County- 703-777-9622
  • Young Adults Project (YAP) – 703-771-5375
  • Young Parents Services (YPS) – 703-771-5375
  • Youth After-School Program – 703-777-0343 Youth Outreach – 703-737-8042


(Go to for information about employment programs in Loudoun County)

  • Loudoun Workforce Center – 703-777-0150
  • The Woman’s Center- 703-281-2657
  • Virginia Employment Commission (Centreville) -703-803-1110
  • Virginia Employment Commission (Winchester)- 540-722-3415
  • Virginia Employment Commission (Woodbridge)- 703-897-0407
  • Welfare-to-Work Program – 703-777-0150


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