We are all aware of the toll being homeless or “at risk” can take on the children living it each and every day. Mobile Hope was created to help raise awareness of this issue, while meeting the daily needs of our counties children.

With the ever increasing partnerships of our faith, business and safety net community we are working to meet that need.  Our schools, non-profits and 100’s of individuals help ensure this program is not only sustainable but also successful.

These children, once identified, are given a chance to rely on Mobile Hope and all of the services that are provided to them, free of charge, and no questions asked.

Over the past few months, it has become obvious that we need to form Mobile Hope as its own 501c3, in order to expand and improve. The 2012-2013 school year has seen an increase to  945 children identified as being at risk, with 314 unaccompanied, those numbers, sadly continue to grow.

This year, we need to follow through on our goal of having an active, caring and enthusiastic and committed group of contributors… That’s were you come in.

As a stakeholder in our community’s success, a thought leader amongst your peers and someone who has the drive to make a difference, we would like to ask you to consider donating to Mobile Hope.

Your financial contribution will go a long way in not only helping this program meet the daily needs of our children, but will also help to expand to meet future or unexpected needs..

I hope that you are able to help us, as we work to change the lives of the children we serve, each and every day.