Get Involved

When do we typically need volunteers?
Monday-Friday 9:30am-4:00pm
Wednesday’s 4:45pm-7:30pm (Bus)

Mobile Hope is proud to have an active and thriving volunteer program. Each month, volunteers contribute approximately 400 to 500 hours to support our mission. Allowing members of the community to support others in the community is the heart of our mission. Quite simply – we want Mobile Hope to be a community owned program, where everyone takes ownership in, not only our success but the success of our clients.
We could not exist without the support we receive from our volunteers!

Please note: We understand the importance of privacy and safety of all who receive services or want to lend a hand, and we work to ensure that we offer a safe and caring environment. While a variety of volunteer opportunities are available, those volunteers having direct interaction with our clients are required to go through a thorough vetting process, regardless of employer or position. Some volunteer jobs require a regular time commitment.

Mobile Hope has created a volunteer program that is flexible, fun and offers a variety of opportunities.

  • We love students, groups and families who can volunteer regularly or even just one time.
  • We welcome volunteers of all ages. We have had volunteers as young as 4 lend a hand! We encourage parents to show their children the importance of giving to their community and the joy found in helping others.
  • Please be sure to mention any special skills you may have so your volunteer experience can be useful and enjoyable.
  • All of our volunteers are required to complete a volunteer application, meet with our staff and attend training before they begin their service.
  • Many different types of volunteer opportunities are available each day. Opportunities include: Sorting and stocking donated items in our facility and on our bus, administrative support, special events and projects, and much more.
  • The children who receive our services are encouraged, but not required, to help.
  • Mobile Hope accepts youth volunteers needing to perform service hours for their church, school, or club.
  • Mobile Hope accepts court mandated hours; however, we do not accept offenses of abuse or violence of any nature. Anyone fulfilling court mandated hours must complete an application, have an interview with Mobile Hope staff and provide probation contact information.
  • Groups are encouraged to volunteer. Contact our office for a group application and allow up to 2 weeks for processing.
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