Get Involved

Mobile Hope believes strongly in not only adults giving back, but in teaching our children the importance of volunteering. We truly enjoy having children of all ages helping us, whether it’s sorting through clothes or putting away books. Giving  back makes a difference and has an impact on all involved.

Volunteer Opportunities

Mobile Hope is proud to have an active and thriving volunteer program.  Every month, volunteers contribute about 400 hours to support our mission. Allowing the community the opportunity to give back is at the heart and core of the mission of Mobile Hope.  Quite simply – we could not exist without the support we receive from our volunteers. Mobile Hope has created a volunteer program that is flexible, fun and offers a variety of opportunity.  We welcome volunteers of all ages. We have encouraged volunteers as young as 4 to volunteer to come and lend a hand!  We feel that the satisfaction that one feels from volunteering can begin at any age.  For children to understand their blessings and the importance of giving back to the community is extremely important to one’s growth.  We also believe that the children who receive our services should also have the opportunity to help – we do not require volunteer service in order to receive our services – we simply feel that our volunteer opportunities should be open to all.  Mobile Hope also accepts youth that need to perform certain types of court mandated community service.

We require all our volunteers to complete a volunteer application.  We meet with all our volunteers before they begin their service.  At this point, we do not have a minimum time requirement. As we expand our services, we will have certain jobs that will require a regular time commitment.  A training session is given to all new volunteers.

The volunteer jobs we offer are:  sorting and stocking our donated items such as clothing, personal hygiene items and food in our facility and on our bus; providing administrative support; providing assistance at special events or to work on special projects. We cater to students, individual groups and even families who want to volunteer based on their skills in order to provide a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

When can I volunteer?

Monday-Friday 9:30am-4:00pm

Wednesday’s 4:45pm-7:00pm (Bus)

Sunday’s 10:30am-2:00pm (outdoor food distribution)

Do you offer group Volunteer opportunities?

Yes, large groups are encouraged to volunteer.  Once a group volunteer form is received, please allow the office at least two weeks to process the application. Once the application has been processed, Mobile Hope will contact you confirming the date and time.

Do you offer court mandated volunteer opportunities?

Yes, Mobile Hope accepts court mandated hours; however there are certain offenses that we do not accept:  theft, abuse and violence of any nature. Anyone fulfilling court mandated hours must complete an application, have an interview with Mobile Hope staff and provide probation contact information.

For more information please contact Bibi Berrios at (703) 771-1400 or email