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Mobile Hope is starting a “Free” Fresh Food Distribution Day every Sunday from 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. starting Sunday, March 30th in front of Mobile Hope’s Store at 31 Sycolin Road, SE in Leesburg. (Mobile Hope is located behind the Frederick Douglass Elementary School and down the street from Douglass Alternative School.) Food will be served on a first come-first served basis. Amount of food received by families will depend on the number of people attending. Food items will vary on a week to week basis but could include: • fresh fruits and vegetables • deli sandwiches and chicken • variety of uncooked meat products such as bacon, sausage, hot dogs, chicken, etc. • dairy products such as milk, eggs and yogurt • bread, breakfast items and deserts. If you have any questions, require additional information or would like to volunteer, please contact: Donna Fortier at: 703) 328-6901 or

Inova Loudoun Hospital Supports Mobile Hope

Official Press release in PDF For Immediate Release Reneé Brohard, APR March 24, 2014 540-454-3493 Inova Loudoun Hospital Supports Mobile Hope Leesburg, VA — With support from Inova Loudoun Hospital, Mobile Hope has become its own non-profit, a pending 501(c)(3) organization. In 2011, Mobile Hope began under the Community Affairs Department of Inova Loudoun Hospital. It was originally intended as a wellness outreach specifically for children who were homeless or precariously housed in Loudoun County. Over the years, Mobile Hope has expanded beyond its original concept. Mobile Hope now provides clothing, food, educational items, toys, as well as health and wellness information, and so much more for this at-risk population. As one of the richest counties in the country, it is easy to assume Loudoun does not have precariously housed youth. Currently, over 900 students were identified by Loudoun County Public School’s Mckinney Vento Program, as being homeless or precariously housed. Nearly 30 percent of these young people do not have a parent or legal guardian in their lives. “We believe that the program will need broader community support to continue to address this issue. Given the community need and significant community interest, Donna Fortier has worked with Inova to establish Mobile Hope as a stand-alone community outreach program,” commented Rod Williams, VP of Community Affairs, Inova Health System. In addition to $50,000 start up funding, Inova has also donated the original Mobile Health unit bus to Mobile Hope. Inova has also committed to support funding of $150,000 over the next two years to ensure a smooth transition. “I’m grateful for Inova’s support and for the donation of the bus. We are looking forward to expanding our program to meet the growing and changing needs of this vulnerable population. We hope to build a facility to not only support and teach, but to house many of our homeless teens who are aging out of the youth shelters,” stated Donna Fortier, Executive Director and Founder, Mobile Hope. In addition to Inova, Mobile Hope currently partners with the Loudoun County Public Schools, the faith community, police, government officials, businesses, youth organizations, health […]

Chesterbrook Academy Students Gather and Give for Others in Need

Preschool, elementary and middle school students from nearly a dozen Chesterbrook Academy locations in Northern Virginia welcomed the Inova Mobile Hope bus to Sterling Monday to make a big donation for other kids in need. The students collected more than 150 bags of non-perishable food items, personal hygiene products and outerwear for Inova to distribute to at-risk and homeless youth in Loudoun County.   To read further:

Alert: New Home and Moving

I wanted to let you all know that we have finally found a home!!! I really can not thank you all enough for showing us different locations, offering spaces that were available or telling us of potential places!!!! Your support is humbling!!! This Saturday, January 18th we will be holding an “all hands on deck” volunteer day from 9:00am to 3:00pm. We need to clean, paint, etc before we start to move all of our stuff into our new site. Anyone who has time to help us, please stop by to lend a hand… We will provide as much of the painting and cleaning supplies as possible, however, if you have an extra brush or tarp, please bring them Our new home address is 31 Sycolin Road, NE. (Directions at the bottom of this email) More to come on our “knight in shinning armor”… So, what are the plans for our move out of Fort Evans and into our new place?? We should be able to get this ready in one day… We will then hold another “all hands on deck” volunteer day at our Fort Evans site, once we have coordinated our move date, etc… so more to come on that. We know you all have asked how and when you can help, so we hope to see you all this Saturday. Our new home is located just behind the new Douglas Elementary School. Heading west on Route 7, (from our current location) you would take a left onto Sycolin Road. Follow that down, until you are almost directly behind the elementary school, which will be on your left. We are behind the 3rd abandoned house, which will be on the right… Should be plenty of parking. Our space does require a lot of TLC, so lots of volunteer days to come! Again, we really can’t thank you all enough for your continued support and well wishes… Hope to see you all on Saturday!!!

Alert: Move Notification

We received official notice yesterday that we must be out of our Fort Evans space by January 29th!!! The following changes will be in effect until we have settled into a new space (still unknown, but probably back into storage). The shopping nights that have been scheduled for January 9th and January 30th are canceled. We will continue to go out on our bus starting on Wednesday the 8th. Many of you have asked how you might be able to help during our move…we will be holding volunteer days every Tuesday from 9:00am to 5:00pm, with the exception of January 14th and January 28th, when we will extend our hours to 7:00pm. Needless to say, we will be here packing (probably) every day until we must move, so if the above dates don’t work, and you are interested in helping please call so we can arrange a time for you to come in… We are also in desperate need of moving boxes and bins. If you have access to these and are able to get them to us, that would be a huge help. As always, we truly appreciate your support and thank you all for your help while we work through yet another bump in the road!!!   As you know, Mobile Hope relies on the generosity of our community, to meet the needs of our most vulnerable population… our children. Please check back regularly to see what are our most urgent needs are at any given time. At this time, Mobile Hope is in desperate need of a permanent location as we are having to leave our current location on Fort Evans Road. If you are an investor looking to contribute, are a builder or property owner with a space available, or are a member of our community just concerned about our dire need for space, please feel free to contact us with suggestions.

Malnutrition Affects Hispanic Children Disproportionately, Study Finds

More than 13 million children in the United States live in homes with limited access to a sufficient food supply, according to a report from the LSU AgCenter, and of those, new research suggests Hispanic children and young girls are disproportionately affected by malnutrition. The data, published in the Pan American Journal of Public Health, found chronic malnutrition among Hispanic children was twice as high as that of non-Hispanic white children.

AP: 4 in 5 Americans live in danger of falling into poverty, joblessness

By The Associated Press Four out of 5 U.S. adults struggle with joblessness, near-poverty or reliance on welfare for at least parts of their lives, a sign of deteriorating economic security and an elusive American dream. Survey data exclusive to The Associated Press points to an increasingly globalized U.S. economy, the widening gap between rich and poor, and the loss of good-paying manufacturing jobs as reasons for the trend.

New Report: More VA Kids Living in Low-Income Households

RICHMOND, Va. – Although Virginia is considered one of the wealthiest states in the nation, it also has seen an increase in the percentage of kids living in poverty. A new report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation reveals that one in three Virginia children age 8 and younger is growing up in a low-income household. Emily Griffey, senior policy analyst for Voices for Virginia’s Children, said most of them don’t have access to preschool and are not prepared for kindergarten.