Stories of Hope

Mobile Hope can’t share every success story because there are so many,
however, here are just a few.

Cinthia’s Story

Peter’s Story

My name is Peter and I am 18 years old.  Last year, I ran away from home because my father was emotionally abusive.  I was unloved, lost, confused and alone.  I decided to leave as it was the only choice I had at the time.  Eventually my dad found me.

I was placed in the Youth Homeless Shelter.

On my 18th birthday this past summer, I was no longer able to stay at the Youth Homeless Shelter, because kids like me “age out” on their 18th birthday.

I kept finding myself back with the people at Mobile Hope. I slept in a tent, (behind Mobile Hope) for the summer with a couple of other guys, but eventually, with the help from Mobile Hope, I was able to find a bed at the Adult men’s Homeless Shelter.  The hard part there was that I was in a room with guys who were so much older and it was very awkward and uncomfortable, and I was still going to High School trying to graduate.  Mobile Hope found out and, with the help of the shelter was able to have a room reconfigured to house kids my own age.

The good news is that Mobile Hope was able to help me stay in school and they helped me stay on track… so I was able to graduate. My Mobile Hope “mom’s” even came down to the Patriot Center to watch me walk across the stage, with my diploma in hand.  I have been working and trying to create a new life for myself. No one else is doing anything to help me like the people at Mobile Hope.  I am very lucky. When I had no place to turn, Mobile Hope was there. Without them, I don’t know where I would be.

Spencer’s Story

My name is Spencer.  I am now 21 years old, one of those 18 – 24 year old’s you hear Mobile Hope talk about. I am a high school graduate that has been raised to believe that a higher power is looking over me. I am a new dad, our baby is the most gorgeous little boy. My child’s mom and I have had a few challenges and we are currently not living together, but I am trying to help in every way that I can. I have done a few things growing up that probably weren’t good choices (which I know we all make mistakes), but I think I have grown from those poor decisions…like not hanging out with other kids that were making really bad choices.

In terms of my family, I only really have my mom and aunt who I really love, but other than that my support system is rather limited. I really needed more support and who couldn’t use more – particularly when you are young, learning about life and easily influenced by peers?

I was introduced to Mobile Hope almost 2 years ago and I remember meeting Ms. Donna and Mrs. Rhonda and they were awesome. They immediately wanted to help me.  I had been couch surfing and really needed a job, they offered me such good advice, particularly about helping me find a job. I’m sure there were times when I thought I could manage all by myself, but I quickly realized I really needed some guidance. Ms. Donna was able to arrange for me to have an interview for a job. I will never forget going to Mobile Hope to find interview clothes. They fixed me up and I think I looked great. I actually felt like I would make a great first impression. Ms. Rhonda took me to the company for an interview, I guess they were impressed with me too, and after several hours of meeting with managers, I got the job.

Getting that job and the arrival of my son was perfect timing for my girlfriend and I to get settled in an apartment. Mobile Hope helped us with furniture, sheets, blankets, baby items and kitchen supplies, everything you could think of.  I know I am blessed to have Mobile Hope there for me.

Tomeika’s Story

My name is Tomeika.  I am a single mom with 4 children.  They are 17, 9, 8 and 1.  They are the light of my life – my reason for being – my strength.

I grew up in Loudoun County.  When I was 26, I moved to Brooklyn, New York and lived there for about 10 years.  Then Hurricane Sandy hit…and my struggle began.  I left Brooklyn because of Hurricane Sandy and decided to move closer to my family in Loudoun.  Things were not going well with my husband, so I thought being closer to family in order to raise my children and to start over would be a good idea.  Unfortunately, that was not the case.  My family did not end up being supportive which really makes me so sad.

But…I kept going.  I found a job as a waitress in a great restaurant in town.  Since I did not have much of a savings, I moved my family into a hotel – it was the only choice I had. I have lived here for about a year now and I am still living in hotels. I am constantly moving to different hotels.  We have even had to sleep in my car.

One day I found Mobile Hope.  Actually, Mobile Hope found me.  They had done a fundraising event at the restaurant where I work.  My manager – who has been worried about me and my children – was so impressed with the folks from Mobile Hope that he contacted Mobile Hope on my behalf.  That was when Mobile Hope sprang into action.  I have received school supplies, coats, food and was referred to the Department of Family Services’ Rapid Re-housing program. I have qualified for Rapid Re-housing and I am now waiting to find an apartment! Bless you Mobile Hope….

I don’t want to be rich, I just want stability.  To me every day is a learning lesson and I refuse to give up on life.  My strengths are my kids and the Lord.  I am so grateful for every day.  Thank you Mobile Hope for being my family and easing the burden on me and my babies.

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