What We Are Doing

Mobile Hope works to create positive changes in our clients Social Determinants of Health, guiding them through their challenges to become self-sufficient.

While we have statistical information regarding our level of service, a truer measure of our success comes from a much more difficult and personal matrix that looks at the care and support given when we help children or young adults reunite with their families; find employment, housing, or transportation or provideing medical care referrals to children or young adult who have no permanent medical home.

Currently Mobile Hope has 2 programs that are designed to serve the needs of the children and young adults in need of our services.

Homeless Youth Diversion Program
While we have an enormous need to house youth that are homeless, we also have an amazing opportunity to divert the homeless youth experience. Therefore, we created the Homeless Youth Diversion program to support the needs of the young people, 24 years of age or younger, who are precariously housed. Our goal is to provide support so that a client enrolled in this program will not become homeless.
This program provides the following services:

  1. Basic needs: clothing, coats, shoes, personal hygiene items, soap, laundry supplies and emergency food
  2. Financial assistance for school activities: GED fees, SAT testing fees, and insurance for athletic participation
  3. Job counselling and placement through our Yes Program (Youth Employment Services
  4. Educational support
  5. Life Skills classes: cooking classes, budgeting to purchase groceries, money management
  6. Case Management

Clients can receive the services offered by this program either by appointment at our site or on our bus. Our bus travels to Leesburg, Ashburn, Sterling, Purcellville, Middleburg, St. Louis, South Riding and Luckett’s throughout the month.
In order to be enrolled in this program, a referral is necessary from the Loudoun County Public Schools, the faith community or another human service agency. Clients must also prove they live in Loudoun County, Virginia.

Crisis Care Program
The Crisis Care program is an adjunct program. This program supports the needs of the 18 to 24-year-old age group who are literally homeless.
The Crisis Care program offers:

  1. Immediate and adequate living environment,—our priority
  2. The Peace of Mind program (POM) which provides case management that support mental health evaluations, referrals, substance abuse support and medical care
  3. The resources provided through the Homeless Youth Diversion program.

Our services are offered either on our bus or at our facility.

Our bus travels to Leesburg, Sterling, Villages of St. Louis, Middleburg, Lucketts, Lovettsville, South Riding and Purcellville.  Please call our office for locations and schedule.

Our facility is located at 741 Miller Drive, Suite F1  Leesburg, VA 20175.  Please call for an appointment – 703-771-1400.

Despite the perceived affluence of Loudoun County, there is a great need for the services and support that Mobile Hope provides, and it takes a village to continue to meet Mobile Hope’s growing needs!

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